Bridge Network

Welcome to Bridge Network

A cross-chain protocol enabling seamless transactions across 12+ blockchains.
Bridge network is a trust-less ecosystem of cross-chain applications & infrastructure tools powering seamless transactions across various blockchains.
Radically transforming the way we transact in the decentralized world
Bridge Network is on a mission to interconnect ecosystems & communities across defi. The current cross-chain landscape is complex with tooling that is not built for the average user. At Bridge Network we take a user-first approach in parallel to building a highly secured and scalable infrastructure. Our aim is to build tools for real users and empower others to do so.
Here are some of the things you can currently do on the platform:
  • Move tokens cross-chain. Learn how
  • Explore & query transactions. Learn how
  • Integrate any token onto Bridge Network. Learn how
  • Integrate cross-chain functionality into a dapp. Learn how
  • Sign up for the Bridge Pay waitlist. Join here

Our ecosystem

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