Bridge Network
Validator Slashing
How bridging fees at Bridge Network works

Bridge Network Validators

Using the proof-of-stake mechanism, validators of Bridge Network must stake a certain amount of BRG tokens in order to become an active participant of the network. Validators earn BRG tokens as rewards from the reward pool and the transaction fees generated within the network.


Bridge Network incentivize participants by slashing 100% of the validator's staked $BRG and terminate any future rewards if the node engages in fraudulent activity. The validator loses their seat and are permanently removed. Validator may chose to dispute the issue by providing sufficient evidence of wrongful removal, subject to review and voting by the Bridge Network DAO.

Rewards Distribution

60% of the total protocol fees generated are rewarded to validators. The rewards are distributed based on the respective amount of BRG staked by the validator. Additional rewards may be provided to incentivize the rapid decentralization of the protocol.
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