Take a token multichain
Create a bridge for your token without writing a single line of code
Currently available only on testnet
The bridge builder (Rockefeller) allows token issuers to essentially deploy their bridge to any network that is supported at the core of the Bridge Network Protocol.
Once they have set up the bridge, their token is automatically integrated into the global token bridge for the end-user to move the asset.

How to deploy a bridge

Navigate to app.bridgenetwork.com
  • Navigate to testnet.bridgenetwork.com
  • Click on "build"
  • Insert your token address
  • Select the chains you want to be supported. (Rinkeby, Avalanche, KSC, Fanthom, Solana, Polygon and more in the works
  • Enter your "Fee Address"
  • Enter your "Fee Address" - this is the address in which fees earned when persons use your bridge will be sent
  • Click "Approve" to grant Bridge approval for the deployment.
  • Click "Deploy" after the approval has been confirmed to deploy your bridge.
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