Bridge Network

Deployer Architecture

The Deployer allows token issuers to permissionless-ly add their token onto the bridge platform. As a token owner who wants to take their token cross chain there is a condition that must be fulfilled to be able to do this automatically. The token must be an ownable, where you are the owner() of the token or an approval has been granted by you for the token to be added to bridge. If any of this condition is passed, a user can now add a token to bridge.
To register a token to bridge the function below is called on the bridge contract:
function registerRail(address assetAddress ,
uint256 minAmount,
uint256 maxAmount,
uint256[] calldata supportedChains,
address feeAccount,
address manager,
uint256 deploywith ) external
Once this function is successfully called, an event is emitted which is picked by the registry oracles called the registrars. The registrars then registers this asset on the supported chain specified and activate the asset for bridging. This process generally takes a few minute based on the finality of transaction on the source chain and the time required for the registrars to register the asset.