Bridge Network


Bonded Validators

The network is uncontrolled and maintains security by ensuring validators run the same process upon receiving the various on-chain and off-chain events. Only when 70% of validators have signed the same transaction with their key collectively, the network achieves consensus. Using the bonded federation mechanism (similar to proof-of-stake), validators of Bridge Network must stake a specified amount of BRDG tokens in order to become an active participant of the network. Validators earn BRDG tokens as rewards for contributing to the security of the network along with protocol fees.


For defaulting validators, a portion or all the staked value is at a risk of liquidation or being slashed in the case malicious transactions or invalid transactions are signed by such validators. The amount slashed depends on the level of attack or attempt. The highest level of attack would mean 100% of the value staked would be liquidated. The validator loses their seat and are permanently removed.