Bridge Network

Developer Socket

Enable cross-chain functionalities on web 3 applications.

About the Bridge Socket

The Bridge Socket allows any dapp to integrate cross-chain bridging function into their application. The socket can be used for DEXs, cross-chain farming tools, borrowing/lending, market places and much more. The Bridge socket contract is a stateless contract that does not hold token balances. It interacts with multiple Bridge Network core contracts but is not part of the core contract itself. With the bridge Socket projects can integrate the functions of Bridge Network directly into their dapps and offer their user an easy, secure & flexible cross-chain experience. Earning bridging fees Projects that integrate the Bridge Socket can set the fee as desired with a maximum threshold of 0.1%. Bridge Network collects a base fee of 0.05%, after which the project receives the remaining. For example: If a project set their fee to 0.08%, they net 0.03% after the deduction of the bridge fees. If they set their fee to the maximum of 0.1%, they net 0.05%.

Integrating the Bridge Socket

To get started with the integration of the Bridge Socket into your check out the Github documentation below.